Saturday, August 20, 2016

National Quilt Museum exhibit & teaching

Here and There: Works by the Manhattan Quilt Guild

August 12th - November 15th, 2016

This exhibition is the result of an invitation extended by the National Quilt Museum to the Manhattan Quilters Guild to present their work without regard for theme, size, or year of completion in order to examine their "sense of place."

I will also be teaching there very soon!
I can't wait to see the exhibit, My LACE quilt and LUMINOUS VIEWS quilt are on display. I so honored to be among my Manhattan Quilters Guild group, hanging at he National Quilt Museum.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Generation Q giveaway!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe Does it Again
Win a Fat Quarter Bundle 
She's at it again, and we could not be happier.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe - quilter, author, teacher, and prize-winner - has created a second fabric line for Studio 37 at Marcus Fabrics.

Earlier this year, there was "Mostly Manor."  Now there's "Meadow Storm" a collection of 25 fabrics inspired by Victoria's girlhood experiences growing up on a farm in Minnesota.

On the farm, Victoria said the two most important topics of conversation were the pending harvest and the hour-by-hour condition of weather.  In the very graphic, very modern "Meadow Storm," 'Victoria has captured both the lay of the land and the ever-changing sky above it.  

Garden Trellis Quilt
Victoria also designed the Garden Trellis quilt, measuring 67" x 90". The pattern is available as a free download at local quilt stores that carry "Meadow Storm."  

To celebrate this gorgeous new line, two lucky Stashed!readers will win fat quarter bundles of Meadow Storm, courtesy of Studio 37 and Marcus Fabrics.  Each bundle will include a year's subscription to Generation Q Magazine. 

To enter, tell us your favorite story from this issue of Stashed!

The entry period ends Monday, Aug. 22, at midnight PST.  After we draw two winners, we'll notify them by email. Good luck!  
Enter to Win Meadow Storm Fat Quarter Bundle

Please click the link above to enter GENERATION Q giveaway ( BUNDLE and Subscription).

Then comment here as well,
and have a chance for a Meadow Storm bundle I will giveaway... (Bundle only on my blog)
Favorite season?
Meadow Storm will be in my website shop around the end of the month... early Sept. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016



I get  a lot of emails from people who have made quilts inspired by my work, I just love that!
 I love seeing how you take 15 minutes of Play and turn them into your own creations!
Here are a few examples of people who found inspiration and turned it into their own unique quilts.
Joella was inspired by My Mary quilt in 15 Minutes of Play. 

Pat in Au.
I do love my star quilts...and some made fabric all 15 Minutes of PLAY!
I love what patty did with her inspiration.

Linda K
Was inspired by a star quilt I also made with Mostly Manor, and totally made it over own design! 
So fun! Change it up, make your own quilts...have fun exploring the pattern!

Susan W.
Made this beautiful Strings of Florid Blooms quilt in grey, yellow and black from my Double Wedding Ring book.

Tricia made a version of a block from my 15 minutes of Play book, and turned it into a unique version of her work. Love that play on negative space.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Mini vacation.

My mini stay-cation. 

I'm usually home all of August for family vacation.  It feels good to leave NYC and just be quiet at my home on Long Island. Even though I am still working away....(!!)   It's nice to get up early when everyone is still sleeping, and sit outside and watch the chipmunks battle squirrels for bird seed. 

"The Eggster" aka, Jenny Egg, gets her summer hair cut and vet apts, while I am cooking, getting my canning stuff ready for tomatoes. All that good homey stuff... I love summer! (...and a good fresh tomato!)

Beatrice picked up english paper piecing this summer (Gonna make her a quilter yet!) and made this for me out of my Meadow Storm line which should be in my website shop around Sept 1st!  Stay tuned!! Yay!!   She used the Sizzix honeycomb die.

And I have been working on some small projects, like this Rare Science Charity Bear project, details about this will come soon. 

I do have two trips coming up. Friday I am taping again, The Quilt Show in the Denver Studios with Ricky Tims & Alex Anderson! That will be a quick trip.... And then as a family trip, we head up to see my brother-in-laws family in St. Andrews by the Sea, NB. Canada. 

Summer is zipping by to quickly.  Before I know it, I'll be teaching at the National Quilt Museum Sept 8-10, a three day Double Wedding Ring class. A few spots are still open. Don't miss it!
My only other dir classes, are five day and are filled!  This is your chance to catch this class!

  Besides teaching there, I'm in an exhibit HERE & THERE: with fellow Manhattan Quilt Guild members. I honored to be included! 

I'm off to stuff my patchwork bear, poolside, with my morning cup of coffee! 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Recap: VFW NYC retreat part 2

Whites, Browns and Aqua, oh my!  Joan was playing with many tonal lights with cream and brown with a little bit of aqua and grey included. She was inspired by my "Lace" quilt. I love the soft palette, and chocolate brown, it feels crisp and comfortable at the same time! She included varied whites, and eyelet, for texture. Very sweet!

We matched nicely with her quilt. :-)

Pati had lived in Japan and collected many fabulous Asian fabrics. She popped in some grey solid and Green/gold Manor Stripes to add some lights and breaks in her rich colors. Adding in some grey and black breaks really gave some nice negative space balance.

Rochelle had a open mind right out of the box! She was thinking of making three pillows, all different, but find elements to make them all relate to each other. 
She was carefully looking at the prints and patterns that she was putting together, (not the Allison glass fabric she fussy cut in the left pillow top) and promptly went home and tried them out in there new home! 

I was so impressed with what these 8 ladies did in their three days. So many good ideas! I had a blast, as I hope they all did.  Way to go ladies!! 

Stay tuned for 2017 dates for retreats. :-) Sign up for my mailing list at my website.
Contact page, box at top of page.  

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Retreat wrap up!

What a great three days I had! The annual VFW NYC Quilting Retreat was so much fun!  (singing up for my newsletter gets you info on my home classes) Eight ladies from all over the U.S. And Canada, came to sew in my home to learn Double wedding rings, eat ice cream, and laugh!
A good time was had by all!  

Fabric was flying, that is for sure! In my Instagram account (victoriafindlaywolfe) you can see, a time-lapse from set up to take down of my full apartment...Kind of fun! 

Above, Sarah is finishing up a quilt she started last year in my class at The Madeline Island School of Art. (Old post here)  She's very near completing it! She is just dropping in the background (see up at very top photo) on her version of my Iris by Night quilt, found in my book Double Wedding Rings, Traditions Made Modern. (Shot of it below) 

Mary is making a Halloween version of my Bright Lights Big City quilt! 
Mary also brought along her other quilt she also made last year at my MISA class. (Below) 

Mary's version of my Greatest Possible Trust quilt. Love the Saturation of color! Quilted by Frank Palmer. 

Karen's version of my Double Edged Love! She included a piece of double wedding ring quilt that had been made by a past family member.  Not much of that family quilt was left, so she incorporated it into her design, and it set the color palette for her quilt. So precious! 

See the little wedge from the old quilt incorporated into the block?  So sweet. A lovely way to hold onto the last fragments of a cherished quilt. 

Lori had some lovely Marcia Derse fabrics and a bold pile of black and whites with pops of lovely color!  I love how the colors pop and highlight the scrappy parts. It puts control and resting places for your eye inside this beautiful quilt. I must say, I had some stash envy. Loved her fabrics! 

Irene was playing with the paper piecing points with my Bright Lights Big City Pattern! Orange!!! ❤️
We talked about playing with the shapes to incorporate all her lovely fabrics, and making a parts department. It's looking so luscious! Love it! 

More to come on the retreat wrap up!
Enjoy your Sunday! 


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Bright Lights Big City Class

 Last week at Quilting By The Lake was a lot of fun!  We were making Stretched hex and tumbler quilts, using my Garden Variety Pattern, (templates and pattern available in my website shop) and then we did three days of my Bright Lights, Big City quilt! It was Double Wedding Ring Fun! Check out all their projects! All so different in palette, BUT! scrappy deliciousness, all the same!  Enjoy the show!

This "Bright Lights Big City pattern" is from my book, Double Wedding Rings, Traditions Made Modern. The pattern is included in the book.
*I do NOT have an acrylic template set for this quilt, as the pieces are very big & heavy in acrylic.  They would be to expensive to make, and shipping them difficult.

**I DO have a the Double Wedding ring Acrylic set available for the "Remembering Christmas Past quilt", a great traditional set, large enough to make your Modern Version! Visit my website shop.