Sunday, June 19, 2016


I had so much fun in Albuquerque!! The ABQ Modern Guild had me down for three workshops, Booksigning and lecture evening, and we had a blast!! What a fun group! 

I could not resist sharing these two darling sisters, who were taking there purchases very seriously. I'm
pretty sure I look just like the wee one above, when I'm contemplating my choices too. 

I had so many fun moments and laughs with these gals.  Enjoy having a look at some of the work being done. I look forward to seeing there final finishes!!  A lot of great talent in the workshops! 

I even was taken up the mountain, for a beautiful sunset moment.  A perfect end to a perfect week!  

Looking forward to being home for a bit! 
Bring on summer!! 

Monday, June 13, 2016

*NEW* V block Template set!

I've been holding out on you! I've been playing with my own 
for about 5 months now! 
I've made quite a few quilts that are now being quilted... 
So I guess I should share with all of you, right?

This six piece set makes a Fun V block if you piece the small pieces into the triangle... Or, you also have the "Whole" shapes to use... See the variations below? I'm making a scrap quilt letting each block be completely different...  Solids, prints, you name it, they blocks all look so different and all pieced the same way. ADORABLE!!

 This quilt is quilted, but I haven't photographed it yet... I used all scraps from my scrap bin and a random amount of solids to make this sweet quilt. You can see I used the pieced triangles and the Solid triangles in this quilt... The navy, is used by piecing the whole pieces... Clever, huh?


Head on over to the website to pick up a set!

IQSCM! Visit!

International Quilt Study Center weekend. 
I'm just returning from my weekend in Lincoln, Nebraska at the Quilt Study Center. I am on the board of the Museum and it was our annual meeting. I always add a class to my schedule, as it's hard to be there, and NOT be inspired!  I'm always itching to sew.

I taught my Pattern Play Class, which is a relaxed, improv, play out many individual
options,kind of class. We talk about the technique and the process, and how the one process never is the same for all!  Which, is the BEST part of the class. Everyone finds their comfort zone, the plan nearly always changes, depending on what you bring!  Being open to trying different layouts, design and ideas, leads to some very fun improv quilts.  YOU quilts!  Not my quilts.  It's a good way to learn how I work in my studio.

 I love teaching the class, as it's a "no fail" kind of exploration. ...and another way to "play" to loosen up your creativity, and work outside your comfort zone. 

Even in my process blocks I made in class, have taken on its own unique path. I can't wait to get home and add to it! 

These are some examples of what was happening in the class. Note how all are so different, yet interesting to look at closer! 

I love how this block of blue/green appeared in her layout. Sometimes just by working quickly, getting blocks on them wall to "see" them, new layouts appear. 
So exciting! 

While filling her design board, we were struck by the blue/green of the felt on the board, added an interesting element  to her blocks. We talked about how do you incorporate that affect with size scale of the technique we are using to keep the look intact. She also added other slices of color for added interest, as a way to pull your eye from one side of the quilt to the other. Love it. 

Simple, crisp, with some shots of "hello color!"  Her black background fabric also cut in such a way that her blocks look seamless when sewn together.

I'm always looking for "all the options" when I'm playing. Including looking at what's happening "around" my quilt. 

Take loads of photos as you move your blocks so you can get another perspective on what you are seeing.  

Never forget to look beyond the obvious. 

Try it all on for size.

Let your intuition do some work, and not just your brain. :-)

More posts coming on other adventures at IQSCM! 

My youtube channel has a new video! Pop Over to see! 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Quiltcon catalog! 2017

The Quiltcon catalog is out! Here's my classes! Thursday: #531-Intuition and Trust: To the Nines (all day class) & #520-15 minutes of play(3 hour class) --Friday-#533 Thunderstruck(all day class)  #510-Pattern Play (3 hour class). @quiltcon #quiltconeast #quiltcon2017 #vfwquilts #15minutesofplay #patternpla 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Welcome Back Monday!

Hello Monday!

I spent most of the weekend cleaning, cooking and hand quilting!
I guess that is not so bad! We finally got the office re organized and cleaned and everything put away... We are three days done, on Cataloging all my quilts, and the quilts I collect... We are using 200 here...  We have a few more days in NYC to do, then we have to do the quilts I have at my house.
It will be really nice to have it done, a full inventory of quilts I've made, still have, and quilts I have given away... Most of them anyway, I will have to dig trough images online through three old computers to find them all, even some that were photographed in film!   haha!  You still remember real camera film, right?

Hand quilting....
I do love hand quilting, and rarely get time to do it, so I save it for smaller projects, for faster gratification. It ives me time to sit with my Jenny Egg to snuggle and stitch! She's often covered in threads...

I've been quilting this with big stitch, using my 12 wt Aurifil thread. Running stitches and seed stitches for texture.  I'm loving it!, Gotta get it done by Tuesday!! Almost there... Just have to quilt the pink, and bind it...

Wednesday I fly to Lincoln, Nebraska to teach my Pattern Play class.  It's a fun, relaxing, almost zen like class... Building intuition,learning techniques fo free piecing and free form curved piecing, looking at what is in front of you, trusting the process, and making fun unique, YOU quilts... ( watch the video below for more info)

Did you see the video Beatrice and I did?  I show you a new quite in progress! Check it out!
Beatrice says her summer job is going to be doing my videos... I said, I have enough I can have you do! So stay tuned for my template videos, fabric and class videos! (QuiltCon catalog is out! I'll do a video on my classes soon!)  I think it's a great project for her, what takes me hours, takes her 15 minutes!
Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel so you don't miss any.
And instagram! I hope you are all following me there!  Come play with me!  

And then....I had a sweet tooth.  So I whipped up a easy cake with custard...


That's my kind of weekend!

Do you hand quilt? 
small or large projects?

Friday, June 3, 2016


Congrats Kathryn L! she said:
I think of growing up in a neighborhood with other kids born in the 10 years after WWII. What a simpler time. 
 She won the copy of Shelly's book!
I have one more main block (A Simple Life: Quilts inspired by the 50's) to make, before I start prepping the appliqué.  I don't know that I will actually get to the appliqué anytime soon, I may wrangle Shelly into working together on this one. Hehe! It helps that we are buds...

I've had a very crazy week... I have not been in my best shape the best month, so being home has been really nice. I am looking forward to a two up coming trips, Lincoln, NE, and Albuquerque Modern guild!  Apparently I am on the "10 best things to do in June"  list...

Victoria Findlay Wolfe will arrive in the Duke City in 15 days! And according to Albuquerque the Magazine, our book signing party co-hosted with Hip Stitch is one of the top 10 things to do in June! We couldn't agree more! - ABQMQG...

More info:
The Albuquerque Modern Quilt Guild presents two chances to meet Victoria Findlay Wolfe Quilts, the award-winning modern quilter, author, teacher and fabric designer. Victoria will sign copies of her books at a free evening reception on Wednesday, June 15, at Hip Stitch. On Friday, June 17, have dinner with Victoria at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and hear her explain how “playing” with fabric for just 15 minutes every day can help you create your own improvisational quilts rather than follow someone else’s design. Dinner tickets are $35 each and must be purchased in advance. For more info, contact Hip Stitch at 505-821-2739 or

Maybe I will see you there!

After that, I will be home for most of the summer... I have a week teaching at QBL, Quilting by the lake! Come sew with me!
and then a quick trip to Denver in August to tape The Quilt Show,with Ricky and Alex...and visit friends in the area briefly with Beatrice... That is a very mild summer for me... I planned two years ago to be home this summer...

I'm working on some new fun projects I wish I could share... But I'm afraid you will have to wait a year to see them... Don't you hate when people lead yo on like that? I know, but I'm bursting over here, wanting to share... But no...I'll just keep stitching away over here...

PLUS, today, in the middle of several apts, we are photographing 25 bins of quilts, and cataloging them all... meaning size, title, photos etc, of everything all in one place.  Quite a feet!  And since i pulled out all the bins, what better time to clean out the office, and chase dust bunnies, make a huge mess, then try to quickly put it all back in it's place...  Why does it all come out faster then it goes back in? Ack! So much stuff!!!

Midway through the day I had to just walk away, or I thought my brain would explode... This is why I live in a loft with very little storage space, and sparse furniture, I hate having so much stuff...gotta rid myself of things... makes me crazy. NO massive stash here! To much stuff makes me twitch.

I took a video about it today, check out youtube tomorrow sometime.  I can't get it to upload just now, but will admit here, when I can get it loaded... Are you subscribed to my youtube channel? There are more videos over there... just saying. ;-)

In the middle of all the craziness this week, a few extra things happened... #1- A cancer quilt was made, quilted, and sent today to someone who needs hugs from all of us. (pic above) Thank you again for the anvil blocks.... You have no idea who nice it is that I can whip up the blocks and get it quilted, and sent in two day off to someone who really needs a quilt hug.  I'm still good on blocks for now... I will let you know when I need more.
And #2- I now have a JUNIOR in high school.  School ended Friday... How can I have a JUNIOR in High School? I'm only 25 years old...

(quit laughing)

It's been a busy week, obviously...I hope for a restful weekend!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

a SIMPLE life! (Giveaway!)

Above are my blocks from Shelly Pagliai's Book, A Simple Life!  I LOVE this BOM quilt of hers, and I have to make my own as she won't share...  ;-)
She's my friend, I can give her guff!  
I LOVE the quilts in this book, perfect scrap quilts!  I'd make them all if I could! I just might!
I am using all Mostly manor Fabrics in her BOM version, which you can purchase in my shop!

and also  for an upcoming quilt-along!


Want to WIN a copy?

Leave me comment about what you think about, when you think "1950's"?

giveaway open May 31st-June 3rd, 9am.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

New Sizzix Dies #3- Darts!

And lastly, DARTS! My Third new Sizzix Die!  I can cut up to 8 layers of fabrics at a time on my Sizzix machines, then I have this great parts department of color to play with! This little quilt was so much fun to play with.  

You have two shapes to work with on this die, Use the shapes individually or mix them together! Below I used just he full parallelogram shape to make this 3D version of a 9 patch! Great Teen quilt.

My New Dies will be up on the Sizzix website in June.
For ease in finding them the link is above, or go to, Designers, Click my name, Victoria Findlay Wolfe Quilts.

The How to Videos are already up on my website, Video tab.

Also, My Youtube videos are back! It was easier for me to do them when I was home!