Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dies: Pushing a bit further...

Once I start to play I want to do MORE with my dies than the obvious. Here I took the wave die, and experimented with how I use my Sizzix WAVE die.

By using my die to cut other shapes depending on how I lay the fabric on the die, 
I was able to make this quilt.

I had a lot of fun playing on the quilting. I used it as an opportunity to practice my free motion only hand quilter fusion long arm machine.  Practice, Practice, Practice! (fabrics are Kathy Doughty's of Material Obsession. LOVE THEM, (order through AU shops only)

Adding in some hand work details.... Love it.

The possibilities are endless... What else can you do with your templates and dies?

Using only my FULL melon shape, I cut out full pieces of Cherrywood Fabrics, then made bias tape, and machine stitched them down onto precut squares... WA-LA! Super fast and easy darling DWR!  (finished quilting image coming soon!) 

Again manipulating the FullMelon Die above, to cut my pieces in halves, to show off some fabulous Kona Cottons, on this sweet baby boy quilt.

Full Melon Die
Tulip Die,
and Concave square of the DWR....
playing playing....

I cut up a vintage postage stamp quilt I had that was falling apart, and saved the good bits... next...

I added my WAVE die to cut pieces for a border... except instead of flip flopping them to make the curvy wave, I set them all the same way up... I now have a scalloped border...

I hit my scrap bins and shirtings to find as many different yellows as I could that worked so nicely with the vintage fabrics...

I cut extra yellow on the wave die but squared one end off so I could easily join them together to make the border...

I added lace around my DWR section, so I could easily turn overly raw edge, as I had done on the TULIP quilt, a few posts back... Machine straight stitched it on to my background.
Super Sweet Vintage baby quilt. Using all Four dies in one quilt--Super fast to cut out, fast to join...
My work here is done.

...And fresh of the long arm... My Christmas quilt. Using MADE Christmas FABRIC in the FULL melons, I  to cut my shapes using the FUL MELON die. Then some bright happy Kona Solids.... and I found that by adapting the FULL melons (by adding a free and red strip across the end) to make the STARS/Poinsettias! Cute!

Close up  to see what I did... weeeeee!

I'm having waaaaay to much fun playing with these...
I'm off to Houston...

Videos and fun Market and festival posts to come!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Market Schedule / Festival too!

Going to Market of Festival?

If you see me and want to say HI,  PLEASE grab me and say hi!!!
I'm actually very shy, and won't reach out unless I'm approached first... 
I'm an introvert at heart...what can I say...  

But once you get me talking about quilts, I may not stop... Just saying. ;-)

Market SCHOOL HOUSE presentations:

Traditions Made Modern with  C & T Publishing
12:25 pm Friday October 24th, room 362D

During Market, you can find C&T's booth at 2336, 2337
New Sizzix Dies by Victoria Findlay Wolfe
When: 3:10 Friday October 24th, room  362A

Quilt Market Schedule: 
Come by the Sizzix booth #124
Saturday 25th: 10am-12pm
Sunday 26:  3-5pm
Monday 27: 10am -12pm
I will be demoing the dies and showing how to sew curves, along with mini trunk shows of the quilts made with the dies, that I've been working on.

****Market goers:


My Sizzix dies will be CASH AND CARRY!  You can also swing by the booth, and check out great show specials on the machines... Come say hi!

Dies will be available at Sample Spree. They will also be available in the Market booth and Festival booth. Dies will be available to stores end of October/early Nov.


October 25th: 1:30 - 2:30  Meander Publishing #202

Book signing for  Michele Muska's Book Quilting the New Classics! 


October 30th 2-4 in Sizzix Booth #124
October 30th 4:15- 4:45 in Cherrywoods booth 

October 31st 10 - 10:30 in Cherrywoods booth 
October 31st 11-11:30 in THE QUILT SHOW BOOTH  demoing & questions
October 31st 1-3 in Sizzix booth #124

Also be sure to search for my LACE QUILT in the world of Beauty Judges quilts...

See you in Houston!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sizzix: Wave Die

I was playing around a couple years ago with curves, and wanted to make a shape that I could very quickly and easily cut and sew together to make matching curves... This shape is what grew from that playful experiment... I have a full twin size quilt made of this, using up many many fabrics to make a nice scrappy version of this, I figured it would make a great TWEEN/TEEN bed design. ( which  will actually be out in Simple Quilts Nov 4th)  Above, I mad sit for a baby boy quilt, mixing in sweet watery prints, and a few pops of fun color for a modern nursery.

By flip flopping this shape, it gives me my SIZZIX WAVE DIE , But I have found that I can really use it in  many different ways. I've made a flag, (below), 

..and also a Christmas tree skirt, by sewing together the shapes all in the same direction to make a scalloped border...

But I can't seem to find the photo right now,  So.... Will have to come back for that!

Be sure to stop by on the 23rd for ways I've used the dies together and also to manipulate how I use the dies for more designs!

Off to CT in the morning.. Hoping to see many of you there!

Presentation by exhibiting quilt artist and designer Victoria Findlay Wolfe
1-2 p.m., Monday, Oct. 20
Free with Museum admission

Victoria Findlay Wolfe, called a “mod-quilt celebrity” by the Wall Street Journal, won the Best of Show award at modern quilting’s first QuiltCon in 2013. She will lecture about her quilts, history, and process and will also bring a selection of her works to be viewed during her talk.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Tulip die

My Tulip die is one I've been itching to have for ages. In the past,  I've made my own templates, but it is key to have accurately cut pieced, and makes it so fast and easy! Which is what the die does!  
Color  placement is so much fun with this quilt. It changes deepening on where you lights and darks are placed. Here is one example above... A sweet baby quilt with pink buds... Easy peasy.

I of course want to incorporate my "Made Fabric"15 Minutes of Play style in their somewhere. I could do this either in the tulip or the leaves,  or even the back ground. Here I chose to make the BUD in made Fabric, making sure to add a piece of Jennifer Paganelli's muli-colored floral with red, in each piece for little highlights...

Next I grabbed a pale aqua Michael Miller Polka dot, Modern basics line...  to cut out my background pieces, using the DWR die from Sizzix. Love that negative space taking shape!

I used then, my FULL melon die to make the LEAVES!  Easy breezy! Again, I could have used MADE FABRIC, but was going to a super fast finish here... I can always make another! 
(And I most likely will!)
I used up various green for leaves, darker and lighter versions to make it dance a bit.

Here is the top all sewn together... I could have stopped there... I love the scalloped edge.

I went around it with a crocheted lace, and flipped over my raw edge, so I could straight stitch it down onto a Michael Mille rHounds tooth background.  How sweet is that lace on this? Adorable!

I then quilted it with tiny orange peel pattern over the entire quilt. Cute! But...

I thought a tiny wave edge was going to add SUPER CUTENESS to the over all look of the quilt...
Was I right?

Now to finish the binding... ;-) Sweet!

Friday, October 17, 2014

YELLOW!!!! Quilt Talk



What better way to talk about a new book then to have her chat with me! See video below!


Personally, I love this quilt the best...
If I made my own version, it would say, 
Tell me I can't do something,
 and I will show you different...

Be sure to visit all the blogs!! You can get a free download for each of the bins above!

My bin is YELLOW!!! (with orange inside of course!)
link to the download here

Weds October 1 - C&T Intro
Thur October 2 - PURPLE - Megan Dougherty, The Bitchy Stitcher
Fri October 3 - BROWN - Carrie Bloomston, Such Designs, 

Mon October 6 - RED - Kim Niedzwiecki, My GoGo Life,
Tues October 7 - TEAL - Flaun Cline, I Plead Quilty,
Weds October 8 - WHITE - Mollie Sparkles,
Thus October 9 - HEXIES - Cath Hall, Wombat Quilts, 
Friday October 10 - PINK - Ebony Love, LoveBug Studios,

Mon October 13 - GREEN - Rose Hughes,
Tues October 14 - BLUE - Sarah Fielke,
Weds October 15 - GRAY - Maddie Kertay, The BadAss Quilter's Society,
Thu October 16 - BLACK - Cheryl Sleboda,
Fri October 17 - YELLOW - Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Monday October 20 - ORANGE (but of course!) - Sam Hunter, Hunter's Design Studio,

Leave me  YOUR EMAIL and a comment about your favorite color bin!
Giveaway Open til Ocotber 21st, 6pm.

You won a copy of Sam's book!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Full Melon! ~Sizzix

On this quilt I used linen for the inset concave squares...
then I selected some beautiful combo purples, golds, and browns and grays.

What is so fun here, is to use the DWR  then adapt it by using my FULL MELON DIE. Think how else you can manipulate the information within the Melon! Believe me there will be some serious play going on over here with these!
ACCURACY in cutting is so important when doing curves, and these, sew to gather like BUTTER! 
FUN AND FAST!  I designed, made and quilted three baby quilts in one week for this project... PHEEW!  That's one way to get a quick learn on the long arm machine! this was one of them...

Using the DWR die from Sizzix, I also used my NEW FULL MELON die to made the below quilt... Great for MADE FABRIC 15 Minutes style or for SCRAP BUSTING! I used all my yummy oranges to make this beauty!! I scrapped in a few pops of lavender, just to be a tease! After I designed this, I asked my friend Mary to piece it for me (below)  ... I made 10 quilts for market in about three weeks. So I thank her for her help! I also had my friend Shelly Pagilai of prairie moon quilts, quilt this one for me...  Thanks ladies, for your help!

Good to move fast, design fast, and be happy with your choices.. No need to worry, you can always make more!  The colors in this one though just make my heart sing!!!

 This is what happens when I tried to bind it...

But it sure looks good in the sun, all bundled up!

What  I love about a full Melon in the DWR is one they go to gather quite quickly! And two,  I can easily manipulate the information that goes into each melon... I can manipulate all of it, or just a side of one..Like I did below... Some melons have Made Fabric 15 Minute style, and some I only added a red and green on the end of melon, so when you put them all together, you have flowers! This can be done improvisation ally or with real accuracy if I make my plan ahead of time. Very fun, fast and accurate with the Die cut.

There are so many fun ways to use the die to change up the pattern... I'm sure there will be more of these in my future!

I have more of these quilts showing how else to use the die, to show you, but will save some during Market, to share with you!

Next up will be the Tulip die.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


What a treat.
Someone pinch me please.

So pleased to have my quilt "Lost and Found in Translation" among the other beauties,
 at the New Britain Museum of American Art, Let Me Quilt One More Day exhibit...

Come see the show on October 20th, 
and my hear my lecture at 1pm. I'll bring more quilts! 
October 20th 1pm. 
New Britain Museum of American Art., 
New Britain, CT.