Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mary's quilts

 OOPS!  I deleted the video with Mary and I chatting and having tea!!! So this is the recap of our conversation... bummer!
I was actually showing her who easy it was to do videos from the computer and then I goofed it up! 
Go figure, right?


If you get out to Bedford, PA to visit Mary's shop, or her retreat center, Which is VERY lovely, by the way... Be sure to say hi from me!!  
And we will have info soon about a retreat weekend we will do net year...

Stay tuned!

Mary's fabrics that she designs for Windham, which I used to make this little DWR quilt, which is in the new book, page 89!  Double Wedding Rings,Traditions Made Modern

I'm not picky on fabrics... I love bright modern, I love repro's, I love vintage, and I love polyester!  hehe!  I just love FABRIC!

So you can take on the curves by just making a small projects,
 if you don't want to make the entire bed size double wedding ring!

Monday, March 2, 2015

A Modern Twist: blog hop.

images by Martingale, and Photographer: Brent Kane

A Modern Twist: Create Quilts With a Colorful Spin by Natalie Barnes!

Beyond the reef patterns, visit her blog!

Natalie is one creative gal.  We met in Houston International Quilt festival when Hurricane Sandy was hitting the east coast...All the TV monitors were showing what was happening, and I felt helpless while my family was all at home in NYC.
We bonded. :-)  Thanks Natalie...
A Modern Twist product page on

This book shows simple patterns and ways to think about color. She focuses the book on Color, Contrast, and composition to achieve a one of a kind look.

I love contrast, in fact,

I love all color, period.  

Contrast to me is what saves a quilt.  You can find contrast even in a low volume quilt. Finding the lightest shade and the darkest shade of what ever your palette is.  It's like learning to print photographs in the dark room, (remember those days in photography in high school?)   Well, when printing a Black and white photo, for a good print you are looking for your brightest white, and your darkest black.

When using color, in fabrics, the same rule applies...(if you love contrast)  You can use all colors together, but find the one color that is your lightest, and one that is your darkest... Not necessarily white  or black... But perhaps the lightest is a soft yellow, and a darkest, being a right red.

Having a few darks and lights in your quilt will give depth to your quilt... as LIGHT brings things forward, and darks pulls you in...
Just by looking at Natalie's cover you can see her background colors has many different colors... whites, yellows, oranges, blues, purples...Mostly medium tones over all...  Her darkest darks are the deep blue, purples, and brown sprinkled here and there add interest and movement...The soft pink and many of the yellows are the the lights which are most by dropping in the bright purple she plays on the contrast and pulls it all together...

This is also how you save those blocks where you don't like the colors you've used... Look at your block and focus on what you LIKE about the block...(We all focus to much on what we don't like)  Use the color we like to create contrast. Adding in the color you like, makes the rest of the block behave...

Color is so much fun to play with... Often what you think is a light, depending on what you set it next too, might become a dark... So LOOKING is as important as Playing.  And you know how much I love to play!

Natalie talks a bit more on Color, and color wheels, and gives you simple patterns 
  • 13  patterns: quilts, table runners, wall hangings, place mats, and quilted storage boxes
where you can play with color, contrast and  composition. She also has an intro written by Angela Walters about quilting which might also draw you in.

Please follow along the Blog hop for more about this lovely book.

Would you like to WIN a copy? 
Of course you would!

Leave me a comment below saying anything randomly nice about today. :-)

US: Wins  book copy
Int'l: wins EBOOK

I'll pick a winner March 15th, 9 am...

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

QuiltCon class wrap up...

Classes at QuiltCon!

I'm slow to getting all my images up online! I came home Monday, and was so happy to just be home for a couple of weeks that I jumped straight into the studio to sew!  So my poor blog got neglected!   Sorry! 
Also, before I could SEW, I had to CLEAN... blah.
And if you are like me, cleaning leads to starting many new projects, which are not on the TO DO LIST....  Squirrel!
I had to clean, as my new studio which was being photographed for Quiltmania's new mag (coming in JUNE), and I left the studio in a whirlwind mess before QuiltCon... So, now, it's all nice looking again, but we know that only lasts a day...  LOL!

So. Quiltcon classes!! I taught my Strings of Florid Blooms quilt, which you saw me whip up a second version fo the quilt 2.5 days before I left for QuiltCon. (hence the whirlwind mess left in my studio...who has time to fold fabric?)

The best part of teaching this class is seeing what kind of fabrics people bring to PLAY with!
We had:

30's fabrics with hot pink solids. (ADORABLE!! great spin on 30's prints))

Solids ( fabulously modern)

Polka dots (you know how I feel about dots!!! LOVE!)

Essex linen and various fabulous  prints... ( swoon!)

Greys and yellow scrappy ( love me something scrappy)

Blacks and whites... ( super cool)

Beige and light blue with white.. (stunning!)

Greens and blues... you name it... the combinations were just glorious to see and fun to watch come together! I go over a few tricks to piecing this quilt, which, when you master them, makes this quito grow very quickly!  One "Bloom" is 30" square, so 9 blooms is king size...
The pattern is in my New Double Wedding Ring book: Traditions Made Modern and seen in 3 variations... Check out Retro Poly Mod, Bright Lights, Big City, Strings of Florid Blooms in the book, and the pattern pieces are included in the back of the book on a traceable pull out.

 If you ar eon Instagram you can follow me at Victoria findlay Wolfe... if you check hash tags, check #15minutesofplay   #floridbloomsclass  #victoriafindlaywolfe  for more photos of inspiration!  If you have taken any of my classes, please hash tag your images to these classes so we can all be inspired!  Thanks!

Feel free to also follow me on Facebook.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe
Victoria Findlay Wolfe Quilts (Business page)

Next I taught my 15 Minutes of PLAY class...
I LOVE teaching this class... I do many skill building tips tricks and techniques in this class, and as I show them, I just watch and wait for the lightbulb moment sot be going off... Eyes light up, oohs and ahhs! happen, and ideas start to formulate!  Then, people are off and running and things start taking shape!
Y- Seams are learned and tackled.... new shapes and color combinations are explored... Whites and lights with neon reds and yellows! Spectacular!!

Color and prints are tested and tried... manipulation, new tools to play with....  BOOM! Ideas swirl around the room... The biggest joy to me in this class was meeting several bloggers I have followed from day one, who took my class.  Such a real treat to meet, and spend time with the quilters I've admired by reading their blogs over the years!
Like Stephanie, and Kristin....  Fabulous days...I tell ya... all fun & fabulous days...

That's it for today!  More to come, on all the fun,  from QuiltCon!

Thank you to Latifah Saafir for being my Janome machine classroom helper.
My Quiltcon Volunteer helpers, Moda for giving me fabrics for my class, and Melody from Sizzix for taking so many great photos!

You maybe seeing a few of these running around soon, too! Got yours?
 If you have had my workshop, you would know my "Mantra" well!
Also, I added more of my template line to my website... a few at a time!  

Friday, February 27, 2015


Hi Quilters!!!
I'm happy to announce a NEW CHALLENGE partnered with Sizzix and my new quilting dies with them!
These Quilting DIES are DIFFERENT then patterns in my book, completely separate tool... do not be confused...  :-)

This is a Sizzix Die Cut Challenge (only) using one or more of my three dies, shown above

+plus any other Sizzix dies, such as the Double Wedding Ring,

to use as you like to design a Challenge quilt!

No one side can be longer than 50"
Must have a 3" quilt sleeve
Must have a  label with makers name, address, phone number, and email on the quilt.
A "Quilt" means a top, batting and backing, quilted and bound.
 more info at the SIZZIX PAGE HERE

The Winner receives a Sizzix Big shot pro machine and a $500 Sizzix Gift Card!

The idea here is you can do whatever YOU WANT to with the shapes... 

You don't have to piece it as you normally do, get creative, how else can you use the shapes?  No rules on how you use them!

Cut them up? 
Add other blocks?
Add orphan?
Change them? 
Piece them? 
Use them all together?
Add other shapes and piecing to go with them! 
The SKY IS THE LIMIT! Surprise me! CUT IT UP!  ;-)

Don't have the dies or a Big Shot pro machine? (no worries, that's why we are giving one away!)

You can REQUEST the shapes/machines at your local quilt shop. You don't have to OWN them to participate... (Hence you winning an entire machine and package!)
Ask your friends if they have the machine and dies,and  make a Sizzix party out of it! A good excuse to get together with friends!
Did you cut some fabric up at QuiltCon? use those pieces as your templates, and off you go!

A great way to get you thinking outside the box! GO PLAY!

All the details you need are listed on the website,
Click here.

HASHTAG YOUR works in progress! #Sizzixquiltchallenge

Complete Rules For Sizzix Victoria Findlay Wolfe Die Quilt Challenge

Contest begins January 15, 2015
· Entry must include two photographs (full quilt and close up) and be received by 11:59 p.m. PST, June 30, 2015. No late entries accepted. 
· Finalists will be chosen and notified by email on July 8, 2015. Finalists must ship quilt for final review to be received in Lake Forest, CA no later than July 22, 2015. 
· Grand Prize will be awarded by July 31, 2015. 
· One or more of Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s dies (Bigz Pro Wave, Double Wedding Ring Tulip or Double Wedding Ring Large Melon) must be used on front of the quilt. Use of the Bigz Pro Double Wedding Ring Tulip or the Bigz Pro Double Wedding Ring Large Melon Die requires the use of the Double Wedding Ring die. 
· A “Quilt” means a top, batting and a backing, quilted with binding. 
· No one side may measure more than 50" long. Quilt must be able to be hung with a 3" sleeve on the back. 
· Grand Prize winner receives a Sizzix Gift Card valued at $500 and a Big Shot Pro Machine. 
· Quilt Finalist entries must be labeled with name, mailing address, phone number, email and name of quilt. 
· Please note that Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s Bigz Pro dies were designed to work in the Sizzix Big Shot Pro Machine. However, they will also work in other die-cutting machines with a 12" wide opening or larger. Check your local quilt store’s die-cutting center for availability.

Thursday, February 26, 2015


Road to California sent out a note about the cruise coming up this fall! Come sail along with us!! We are going to have so much fun!!! Below is all their info from the email... I'm just passing it along... CRUISE!

Join the Road to California New England Quilt Cruise, Round Trip from Boston.

September 27-October 4, 2015

Read more about it by - Clicking here.
Our ship is selling out - register soon or risk disappointment.

With just 7 months to go we are really looking forward to the Road to California Quilting Cruise in New England next fall. We are sailing on Royal Caribbean's Brilliance of the Seas from Boston and will go as far as north as St. John, Nova Scotia on our 7 day adventure. We've planned lots of fun activities and events, custom quilter shore tours, and 10 outstanding workshops offered by our 5 incredible teachers.

One of the teachers on our cruise is award winning quilter, best selling author and designer, Victoria Findlay Wolfe. Highly regarded throughout the quilting community, her work is improvisational piecing reinvented. As you "play" in her classes, you'll sharpen your design skills and learn about combining colors and prints in new and exciting ways. Get ready to have some incredible fun. As you play with your fabric while you will see an incredible quilt design emerge using Victoria's techniques as we sail the coastal waters of New England and Canada. 

Victoria is teaching the following classes on our cruise:

15 MINUTES OF PLAY: Improvisationally explore new ways to use your SCRAPS, 15 minutes at a time! Learn techniques in playing in your scraps to make your own beautiful designed quilts. Sharpen your design skills, learn about combining colors and prints in new ways, push it further by using templates then watch your own unique quilt design emerge. Discover just how distinctive classic quilt blocks can be, when they are constructed with more spunk and spontaneity! Build confidence in color, quilting techniques, and design all through PLAY! 

Look through some of the projects made through "play" in Victoria's book, 15 Minutes of Play.


Known as Queen of the Double Wedding Ring, Victoria has developed several new and exciting techniques to make this traditional quilt pattern sing with modern possibilities. In her cruise class, Victoria will teach you how to make incredible rings using various methods with dramatic results. 

For examples of Victoria's various Double Wedding Ring designs, take a peek through her upcoming book here. 

Please see our website for the cruiseclick here for more information about booking and classes. We hope to see you onboard the Brilliance of the Seas next September.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

HOME from QuiltCon!

I'm home from Quiltcon! What a FUN weekend!!! BUSY too! I did not even get around to see all the quilts, But I can tell you my favorite was Melissa Averinos quilt above! 
And she rcvd Judges Choice!!
Isn't it so fun? As soon as I saw her working on it, I knew this would bring home a ribbon.. No doubt in my mind. It's just so fun... It brings her artistic side alive in her design...

It was great fun to meet her in person too. We've followed each other on our blogs and FB for a long time... so meeting face to face, with her and SO MANY OTHERS, is about the coolest thing...

Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm there to work and teach and lecture, but meeting all you awesome quilters, is just so much fun!
I'll share more about my classes later this week,  Today I just wanted to pop in and say hi, and thank my pal Encyclopedia for having FUN with me! 

Here's  a shot of my quilt hanging, "Lost and Found in Translation"  It started off as one of Sherri lynn Woods "scores" then it was abandoned, as I was stuck on the improv rules, and on where else it needed to "go." It didn't gel enough, as it was... ( the colorful part without the double wedding rings...)   

It's not often that I struggle with where a quilt design will go to. I had to get the rules out of my head, so I put it aside for a while...
 I also like a quilt that has a story attached, and at the time of the play with the score, it was just fabric with nothing to tell...
I started to think about that struggle of that process, where, you have to think, ponder, stare at for long periods of times, pull your hair out over it, until the final answer or design is reached.  It took a few months, before I came to the studio one day, found a bunch of orange arcs that I had cut to many for on "A Summer's Day" quilt from my book, and thought, "well, now what can I do with these" 
Que angels singing!!!!
The answer then fell in to place, to let the "score" graphically tell the story of the struggle with the creative process, allowing the rings, My "dwr wheel house" to start to fill in the gap in the story of the quilt... My answer!
So what was once lost, took a few months, and now it was found....

Hence the title, "Lost and Found in Translation"

I quilted this quilt with straight lines in the borders and many different patterns in the random colors. It has a small amount of Applique, which strangely my quilt was hung in appliqué... 98% of this quilt was pieced, yet it was put by the judges in the appliqué category... I also have embroidery on it, as I usually do have embroidery  hand quilting, machine quilting all mixed together in my quilts... 

I just love the quilt, and I'm very proud of it.

Kathy York's quilt won best in Show! Kathy is a friend of mine, we've worked on Group quilt sing he past that have hung in Houston. Kathy is an amazing artist, and all i can say is, this award could not have gone to a more deserving person! It's beautifully made, lovely color, and well, just so very Kathy!  Way to go Kathy! I'm so happy for you! Wahoo!!

More details later this week... Enjoy our day! Hopefully it's WARM where you are as it's zero, here... 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Strings of Florid Blooms in Prints!

Is it ever a good idea to start a quilt project three days before a large quilting event like QuiltCon? 
When you have to pack, get organized, etc...  ??

Well, I thought I'd just make a four block version of my Strings of Florid blooms quilt, 

But then thought how cute as 6 blocks... ( each block is 30" )
And then thought, 

"well that's silly, 

Why wouldn't I just make it a king size?"

Just in time to put in my Suitcase and fly off to Austin... My students Saturday will be learning my tricks to make this quilt. It's super duper fun to make...


Be sure to comment over at Okan Arts to win a  copy of the book and my thread!!

See ya in TEXAS!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Okan Arts visit!


Patricia Belyea from Seattle, stopped by to visit me to day! You may recall I purchased some amazing cottons from her last November! Old post here.
She is doing a Giveaway of FOUR of my Double Wedding Ring Books, and FOUR of my 12 wt thread sets! Please go over and comment to WIN~!~!~

to take you to Patricia's blog post for the giveaway!

Jenny Egg made a new friend... ;-) 

Thanks Patricia for stopping by to chat!! LOVE MY NEW NEEDLES!! How special!
 Be sure to pop over to her blog Thursday or Friday for her post on her visit to NYC!