Saturday, January 14, 2017

Sunday the 15th: The Quilt Show

Beatrice and I had so much fun last summer when we went to Colorado to film the Quilt Show!

 My latest episode #2002 and will post on January 15th, 2017.

*The Quilt Show* (the link is – Alex Anderson and Ricky Tim’s bring you the friendliest, Interactive Online Community for Quilters Worldwide!  Join today to learn, share, create, connect and watch Alex and Ricky in brand new episodes of "The Quilt Show"!

Behind the scenes shots. (Literally!)  ;-)

Getting the segments sorted out pre-show!

Still contemplating the rings! 


And having waaaaay to much fun with Alex!  Alex is here with us at CraftNapa. We celebrated her Birthday today with some seriously yummy ice cream. ;-)

All the Quilts are hung!  LET THE SHOW BEGIN!

I hope you tune in for the fun!

Friday, January 13, 2017

MQX New England!

Logo NEWMQX Quilt Festivalspresented by Machine Quilters Exposition,

In the Spotlight 


For today's blog, let's spotlight some of our newer 

       faculty members.....

Victoria Findlay Wolfe 
- This New York City based author, fabric, and pattern designer is joining MQX for only two days. Get your quilt piecing on with Victoria! Don't miss her special exhibit...... 20 of her Double Wedding Ring quilts in a variety of styles and colors on display, right next to her booth #205, in the Armory. Click here for more info on Victoria's classes.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe portrait

     E218 - Double Wedding Ring: Single Pillow Class - Thursday 4/6 - 9am-4pm

Did you know that you can learn EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW to make a Double wedding Ring quilt, by just making one RING?  YES!  Let me show you how!!  Grab a spot quick!  And Kick that quilt off your bucket list!

     E318 - 15 Minutes of Play - Friday 4/7 - 9 am-4 pm 
Need to boost your skills, eyes and creativity?  15 Minutes of play is for you!

I will also be vending and have an exhibit of 20 Double Wedding Ring quilts!  See you there!!!

Monday, January 9, 2017


We added Solid bundles ($14!) to go with the light bundles this past week.  We have some ideas to play with these around here! So exciting!  

top  row: L to R morning light bundlepop solid bundle

 It's been so much fun seeing STAR STORM quilts popping up online!
pattern and/or  kit is available in my website and VFW QUILTS NYC Store

Don't you just love this Dallas Cowboys quilt? She also made the yellow, pink and orange one below that! Made by: Thebootscootinquilter  ( Instagram images)  She said :

#starstormquilt by @victoriafindlaywolfe 💗🌟 loved this pattern and how easily it went together!

 Below: Deb is making a Beach themed star! I love the softness of her palette!  

Another good instagram find, was this quilt made by Trudy, using my Tumbling arrows pattern and acrylic tumbler template.

It's freezing here in NYC today (15 when I walked the dog this morning)...Our building's steam heat is not keeping up with the cold, so it's very COLD IN MY LOFT right I write this, this very moment, this is what I look like..
I have silk long underwear on head to toe, a wool sweater, a fleece jacket, and my hat!!!

Classy huh?


On a warmer note: I head to CRAFT NAPA on Wednesday... I will unthaw then.

(No, being a Minnesota gal does not mean I should be used to the cold. That is why I don't live there anymore... LOL)

Thursday, January 5, 2017


Light Work has arrived in the STORE! My Third Fabric line with Marcus fabrics, Studio 37 Fabrics, has arrived in house!!  

I have been anxiously awaiting this line! You all know how much I love a good scrappy quilt, well this line does all the WORK for you!  LIGHT WORK!

This line focuses on "light" background fabrics, (Low volume, neutral base.) You can use the whole bundle of lights, all together in one quilt!  Each light print has various soft colors in them, that make it easy for you to add other pops of color to your design.  Blues and whites always look so good... Add in some yellow for soft, french feel, and then take it further with fresh limes, and pinks to make a incredible cozy project...

LIGHT WORK Yardage, Bundles etc are all available at my website, and my NYC STORE!
This line also includes my Popular Manor Stripes in:
Which are amazing alone as background fabrics!

My NEW Favorite quilt!   This LIGHT WORK Quilt KIT will be available online, later today. I'll add a link as soon as it's available.

The PATTERN for this  Diamond Work Quilt is coming soon!

This a quilt my daughter and I designed together... Using my BOW TIE Template set, and focusing on the brights with less lights.  This fun design gives you multiple shapes and patterns depending on how you layout the blocks with color.

More fun options coming soon!
Hop on over to the site now to get your goodies!

Or come by the store to see them for yourself!
325 West 38th St Suite 811
 10-1pm Mon- Thur
12-6 Friday and Saturday

I'm working in the store Saturday! Come by! ~ Victoria

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year!

I had GRAND plans of putting together a year in review post...  But instead I looked at the blocks on my design wall, (a simple quilt I am making for my bed that is dog friendly...)  

Using this mix of Meadow Storm Prints, Mostly Manor prints, and the three new fabrics from Elizabeth's Dowry all in one quilt...All available in my website shop and the NYC Store.

But I decided that, 

This was a much better idea....


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Aurifil Interview

Many of you know me, but a few newbies maybe be popping in from reading out about me at the Aurifil blog today! Pop over to read a interview about my work, and my current collections with Aurifil!  Enter the giveaway at the Aurifil Blog.
Click here for Aurifil link.

I do adore my Aurifil threads. A product that consistently gives me the look I want in my work is very important to me. I love having thread that match with my fabric collections.  I collect thread like I do many lovely colors!  Behind me is my STAR STORM pattern and other blocks made using Meadow Storm Fabrics. All available in my website shop.  Please stop back at the webshop or my 

325 West 38th St Suite 811

LIGHT WORK (my newest fabric line) to the shop in just a few weeks!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

After Xmas!

My Holiday Vacation!!! 
I'm still working on my selfish little project of making random Victory Block Yellow Pink and Blue blocks... NO DEADLINE!  Just a "make-it-because-I-feel-like-sewing-a-bunch-of-random-pieces-together!"  We spend Christmas in Nyc before heading to our house Christmas night... So I cut, cut, cut, a whole load of pieces from my scrap bins... so that I can just sew, sew, sew!

My power and lights had been out in my studio so I had been sewing at my kitchen table, but now that it's fixed.... I moved back down stairs...  I must say, I love the view sewing in my kitchen! 

Do you want to see how they are coming along?  No plan, Just making... Putting them up on my wall, Looking at them, the placements will likely change after I make a bunch more blocks...

I had to add in a some pops of Fuchsia...and a wee bit of navy... I like those being my darkest darks to add depth in the quilt... I also like the block that has white "V's"  and will add in a few more that will give me more of that look...  I like how it punches through the quilt...

One o fly favorite gifts! 
Nancy Shamy from Kenziemac Patterns, made me this amazing  "BIG BAG" VFW QUILTS bag from my newest fabric line "LIGHT WORK" which will be in stores in mid January!
I carry Nancy's Market street handbag in my website store, and kits in my NYC store.
You can see the preview of the LIGHT WORK line here! 
They will be in my shop in mid January!  Stay Tuned!

We spent two hours wandering around Central Park on Christmas day, It was a GORGEOUS day, 53 degrees, sunny, and Jenny Egg was besides herself getting to go for a walkie there... 
Hope your Day was a special one!


Saturday, December 24, 2016

Happy Holidays!

The Findlay Family in Antarctica, March 2016.  ;-)

From my Family to yours... Happy Holidays!