Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Xmas quilt update.

The class sample that grew and grew!
Here I was auditioning many different fabrics, to see where I wanted it to go...
I made this small sample above, thinking it would only be, a sample... Nothing to fancy...Usually those are famous last words, right?  

Well, good for that! Because now it's a totally adorable, and my THIRD Christmas quilt I've made this summer.  Yes, yes, I know... I have a Double wedding ring quilt problem, and a Christmas quilt problem. I easily accept that...

I had purchased a group of Christmas fabrics all in one go, from my friend Maureen's Quilt Shop back in the spring...None of them actually were meant to go together, but I challenged myself that they all SHOULD live together...

By adding a few of my own red, green, and brown reproduction fabrics, and an army green Kona solid, was able to make a not-terribly-interesting quilt into a fun-more interesting-project, that I am now quite pleased with it!

I had a panel fabric with Santa, reindeer, and snowmen... ( I pulled out the "let it snow"  concave piece above, because I can do without the snow!) ...And decided I would need a 9 ring quilt to make it all work...

Chain piecing helps whip the DWR's in to shape quickly. Don' you just love the conifer fabric? Sorry, I don't know whose it is... no selvage...

To fill the now, four empty concave squares in a 9 ring quilt, I decided on making some easy blocks that would give direction and shape to the quilt...

I also can't make a quilt without adding in SOME Made Fabric somewhere, So I used my Full Melon template, that works with my Double wedding ring acrylic set.

I decided they would make fun accent corners, of holly leaves...

Using the leaves in opposite corners some made fabric and the others of a brighter green to match the center for a bit of brightness... 

Once I had the background fabric pieces, and prints lined up to look like a continuous pattern, I decided it would need some Holly Berries around the quilt, as well!

Of Course,  if your having Holly leaves, then they better look like Holly Leaves, so I made a scalloped edge out of pattern pieces...

Traced them on, and cut them out leaving room for turning under the edges....

That's it for today!  I want to add a dark brown crocheted lace edge around the quilt, before I appliqué it down...
( I do know the background fabric is by Riley Blake lost & Found Christmas...)  It's bit of an odd choice for me as background, but I'm determined to use it... Once I have the dark edge down around the quilt, I think it will sing it's merry tune!  And besides, how can it not be, all that Christmas novelty fabric goodness!

It's quirky, and fun, and will be fabulous to cuddle up next to the fire, this winter!
It's a family quilt, that will get used!  YAY!

Monday, August 24, 2015

A Crafty Planner podcast

Something fun!

Hop on over to Sandi's blog, A crafty planner, to hear, her and I chat about Improv and just all kinds of good QUILTY morsels!!


Saturday, August 15, 2015

Heading home!









What an amazing week. The ladies were so fabulous and fun, I feel huge gratitude for having gotten to spend the week with each of them,and to watch their journey building their double wedding ring quilts. 
Thank you Mary, Nancy, Joyce, DiAnne, Ann, Lynn and Sarah for coming to play! 

Now, I'm back at the airport, and heading home. Ready to start yet another, double wedding ring. :-) 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

DWR progress!

Double wedding ring quilts are coming round! (Haha, pun intended!)

Cutting, planning, making decisions, changing, adding....all the parts of creative play! 

Enjoy watching the quilts come together! 
Above is my new Christmas quilt as a class sample... I can never have enough Christmas quilts!

Diane's fun whimsical quilt! I want go buy more fabrics, now! ;-)

Lynn's long to be made, Amish version (she's collected fabrics for years waiting to make this quilt)

Sara's adorable first section. She is building four units using various ombré fabrics to make a version of my "Iris by night" DWR. 

Mary's fabulous version of "Greatest Possible Trust"... Weeeeeee! So fun!

Ann's large happy, memory quilt, with a great clever edge around the quilt! Love it! 

Joyce's summer themed quilt! Each concave center is made fabric of assorted summer details. 

Nancy is our speedy quilter! Love her red blacks and whites... She may be starting number two, today! 

Above is a full melon DWR version for a class sample using orphans and random fabrics... Which will eventually live on my bed! Having Jenny Egg, means only dark quilts in my bed. :-) little pup has to always be by mommy.
(These templates double wedding ring and full melon, are available on my my website

I'm so loving having this long week with the students. I look forward to teaching this class again at Empty Spools, Assilomar in April! The class is sold out already, I hope to see you there! 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Day one! MISA

Having five days with students is an amazing experience.  It's a treat for me to have more time and discussions as we work about what is happening in our design walls.

The large beautiful classroom is getting that honey feel... (Fabric everywhere! ) love it!

Looking at the fabrics and choice people bring is a very fun way to get to know everyone!

How do you make work what you have? 
How do you highlight your theme or idea?

How do you pull together an idea, and be open to changing it, when the fabrics present a possible new and exciting option?

We cut. We look. We play. We edit. We add. We stay open to the possibilities. 

Each quilter has a great journey, and it's fun to watch them explore the options  and find that moment when the get that Aha! moment.

All good here! 

Sunday, August 9, 2015


Hello from Madeline Island School of Art!  I've had a day to settle in, and now, we are ready to make some double wedding rings, this week!! I'm thoroughly enjoying my view from the porch! 
Stay tuned for more images! 

Thursday, August 6, 2015


"Images used with permission from Quilts and More magazine. 2015 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.”
 I had a lot of fun making this quilt. I was so inspired by Lynn Krawczyk's INKED fabric line by Red Rooster Fabrics, I popped on over to their offices, ( we are neighbors here in NYC) and said, " Hey I need some that to play with!"  ha!  I found some other of their fabrics to put together with her line and went home and cut it out, and had a blast playing with the arrangement of these blocks...

Once I had my plan, I had my pal, Shelly, at prairiemoon quilts  quilt it for me.

Thanks APQ, Quilts & More for sharing it! I love the layout! SO MUCH COLOR!!! WEEEEEE!
I guess that makes me cover girl too, sort of?  ;-)
"Images used with permission from Quilts and More magazine. 2015 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.”


Hannah Johnson Fabris,
 Sunday, 1pm, Duluth, MN... 
See you there! (one of my old hoods!)

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Burst your box!

Opening up to experiences...

How many of you have struggled with finding your creative mojo?
Do you get the itch when your sewing, to just burst out a new project?

OK, I know that's a funny question.

OF COURSE!  ( we need more then one project to work on!)

he he.

I am lucky that I have enough wall space to work on ten quilts at a time and skip merrily between them... Believe me I do. Skip to my Lou!

But sometimes, I get so busy in working on projects with deadlines, that I just want to bust out something completely out of the blue...

So where do I start?

In my Orphan block stash.

Yes, I call it a stash!  I have oodles of them!

Sometimes my 15 minutes of play is, stopping to sew an IDEA. Then I put it aside, and go back to what I need to do.  I capture the moment of OH! or AH HA! in the moment, so I can have that energy played out in a block.

Flipping through my blocks make me look at where I was 'then' as a creative person, and where I am 'now' as a creative person, and often that person is not the same person...


We are not the same creative person we were when we started, whatever our creative outlet is...

I find great interest in what I've made in the past and lost interest on... and I look to find what I still like about it, and what new thoughts bubble up.

This block in particular,  First, it's a star in of a million of different stars in my orphan box. Two, It has  more white then I normally use. ( interesting) Three,  Weird, but completely lovable collection of fabrics in the setting fabrics...  HMMMM, a place to start.

I look for what I like...

THAT is a great place to start.

Then I found this block and well,  it's a total squirrel moment, 
an "OOH! Love that! 
Now what can I do? "  and I am off and running...

So go visit your leftovers... And see what inspires...

Or if you really want "outside the box"...

Let your dog decide what is interesting, and run with that....

OK, maybe not...

But you get the idea... Find a new angle to play with, and RUN WITH IT!