Sunday, August 31, 2014

two more attempts, Larger

Still working out the quirks getting this bag just right... (see last post) This time I took a Table cloth I bought in Africa, and used that for this bag....
I forgot to add a pocket, so I will go back and add one on both sides... since it's reversible...  I made it twice the size of my old shopping bag this time....

 I totally LOVE how it turned out....  ( still will add pockets)

This one has a pocket on... I wanted to use up this super cute giant print I've had for ages in my stash.... I think Jenny Egg Likes this one too...

This bag is addictive and so crazy easy. and so many fun ways to adapt it...  I have an orphan block picked out for one more.  LOL

Once I get it just right, The pattern will go up here...
Just need a bit of time...  It's kind of like a A line dress with a curved yoke. ;-)

My old shopping bag is one of these goodies from like the container store or somewhere... I've head it for years....  It's nice but it is a bit to small for lugging groceries in NYC, so I used it as a base pattern to make it larger.   
The part where you put your groceries in, I thought was to small, so I widen that area, then squared it out in an a-line shape,  and boxed out the corners for width to the bottom of the bag....
The TOP Yellow African bag, I also made longer straps. I also cut out the armpit area larger, so you can easily sling it over your shoulder... the red one was a bit to snug...

Getting there...It's been fun to play with!!!

Friday, August 29, 2014

mama's new bag.

A few days left of summer! We head back to NYC on Monday morning.   Where does the time go?
I was working on a cute ORANGE quilt, (FAV COLOR!!) What's yours?
and had this big pile of orange scraps left over....

Meanwhile, I also sent the hubby to the store to get some groceries, where we have to take our own shopping bags... One of the bags, was a red wide handle fabric bag, and I thought, "How easy it would be to make one and adjust to make its little deeper and make extra cute by adding in all the ORANGE SCRAPS from my orange quilt.  And line it to make it reversible and easy to clean...." hmmmmm.......

I also thought, How sassy and cute it would be to get home to NYC to go grocery shopping with my NEW grocery bag!  Well.....

I made the bag... super cute!

 Made it reversible... fabulous...

And ran up stairs to show Beatrice how cute it was...

....She came out of her room, and said....


hahah! Looks like Boo has a new bag!

So. I'm back to the studio,
 to make a few more modifications (a phone and metro card pocket) to the NEW BAG, 
and will make ME one!


Good thing I have more ORANGE SCRAPS!!!

When I get home to NYC,  I'll add the pattern as a pdf freebie...... it's Easy peasy... 
stay tuned.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


January 10-11th!!

The pink quilt above is the basic place we all start... the bones of the quilt... Then, we move on to discovering how to manipulate, change, slice, cut, and resew, and turn it into something more improvisational and unique, like the quilts in my exhibit!

All of these quilts started with the Bones of a DWR. The through PLAY, and letting out imaginations run wild, we can discover a new way of looking at old blocks.

Come and PLAY with me in Wisconsin!

I hope you get to see the quilts before October 12th! The final day of the exhibit.

Monday, August 25, 2014


Remember my story about this BIG RED quilt, that I made in Missouri in July?  I led tit with Shelly
(prairie moon quilts) so she could quilt it, because I needed it finished to ship off this week... So I got it back from her, got the binding, label and Quilt Sleeve added, With a little Help from you know who... Shelly did a great job on the quilting, I just love it.
Old post here:CLICK

I finished it up with some hand work details, like adding the tassel in embroidery on the corn stalk.  I also added details on the small black circles as they are BUTTONS holding it all together.  Not real buttons of course, but a quirky little detail, private joke... (I don't sew buttons on, anything... haha. ;-) Hubby has to do that himself... kind of like the shoemaker with no shoes...

RED.... ahh red! Red may have been our tractor color, but since we had so much international red paint around to keep them looking good, more things were painted red on our farm...

Like our front door on the farm...

and our snowmobiles were red....

And I have not been able to let it go...
 I painted out coffee table at my house, International red also...  haha!

This quilt is in the exhibit I curated for the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo. Quilts from the NYC MOD Double Wedding Ring Challenge last year, hosted by my myself and the NYC MOD quilters, Interweave Magazine and Simplicity Creative Group.  So if you get a chance to get out to see the show, Atlanta, Quilting LIVE is the first city on the 13 city tour.
I'm also teaching two classes there! 
One is Thursday night, and One Friday morning, then quilt walk Friday at 1pm. here's the details:

So come on down! I had so much fun in Atlanta last year! 

 I named this quilt BIG RED...  Although, on the label, it also says
AKA: The FARMALL Takes a Wife
(farmall tractors...haha, get it?)

Thanks to a friend of mine, who said I should call it that... ;-) 
It made me laugh, so I kept it as it's  Pseeudonym. 

I had so much fun making this quilt. Many laughs happened along the way, which makes it all worth while.
Quilting is fun and should bring joy!


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Contest theme announced!

I'm so excited by the next contest QUILT THEME for the Quilt Alliance!  ANIMALS WE LOVE!!
You know I love my dogs! 

 So, what will my next quilt look like next?   Maybe like this?

 I love how this contest has pushed me out of my comfort zone over the years... Here are my past 4 contests quilts...  Time to start pondering....
Make a quilt!
Here's the info!

Joyce2015 Quilt Contest Announced 
A contest for all quilters in celebration of the Animals We Love. We encourage everyone who makes quilts to enter our annual contest regardless of their style (traditional, modern, art) or technique (longarm, hand quilting, applique, pieced...) --all are welcomed and valued!

As usual, we welcome any technique, any concept that addresses the theme --but each entry must be a quilt (three layers stitched together). Finished quilts must be 16" x 16" in size and must include a label on the back to include at minimum the name of the artist, title, date & location made. In addition each quilt must have a 4" sleeve sewn to the top of the quilt. All entries become a donation to the Quilt Alliance, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and after a national exhibition tour, will be auctioned to benefit the mission of the organization. All entries will be documented and shared on The Quilt Index (

Grand Prize again this year is an HQ Sweet Sixteen sit-down longarm machine package (machine, table and bobbin winder) by Handi Quilter, Inc! Prize includes training by a local Handi Quilter retailer.

Additional contest prizes contributed by:
Moda Fabrics,  AurifilAccuQuilt, eQuilter.comEZ Quilting,  Simplicity Creative Group, and The Electric Quilt Company. Our venue sponsors are  Original Sewing & Quilt Expo,  The City Quilter and Handi Quilter, Inc.

Grand Prize will be awarded by a panel of 3 professional quilters/designers. First, Second and Third Member's Choice, and Honorable Mention prizes will be selected by Alliance members --a good reason to become a member when you enter the contest and to solicit new members-every vote counts!).

Entries will be processed with an online form this year, which will be posted on January 1, 2015, but don't let that stop you from getting started! You can read or download our contest guidelines on the Quilt Alliance website here. 

Full press release posted here. Please help us spread the word to your friends, guild or quilting group, by sharing on social media, including in your blog or website or by forwarding our newsletter or press release.

FiveTake a Virtual Trip to Quilters Take Manhattan for only $25!  

Our annual Quilters Take Manhattan event at the Fashion Institute of Technology is now sold out, but you
can still enjoy our signature party for quilters from your own home!
Goody Bag from QTM 2013
For $25 you can purchase a QTM Moda Home Ticket and receive first access to event video footage online, a packed event goody bag with samples and treats from all of our sponsors, and a chance to win select door prizes. 

 you'll be playing an important role in supporting the work of the Alliance--a classic Win/Win!

Order your Home Ticket today on the Quilt Alliance website here.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fresh Quilts!

The new Issue of FRESH QUILTS is out! I just love this magazine, Fresh is right! 
Beautiful layouts and fun projects...

Including my Twilight quilt!  
I totally love it on the back of a pick up truck!  hehe! 

Check it out!

Facebook page:

Order directly from Harris Publications by calling 212-462-9525
or by emailing

Monday, August 18, 2014

Witchy Ways

Ha! A bit late!
I had planned on making a fun "Witchy Ways" quilt for the Cherrywood WICKED challenge, and had many ideas...  I whipped this little guy up, and meant to work on this summer on the road... Except that didn't happen....
I couldn't get my mojo up and running to hand quilt it...
I planned on adding a lot of texture to the background and add some fun designs etc. I started a few times, using my green from my Aurifil 12 wt. thread sets...(can be bought in my shop)   Then got sidetracked...

Well, the contest has come and gone, and my piece was still sitting here...
Have you seen the winners? They are amazing!!!... See here. and here on the main page...

If you are coming to Quilters Take Manhattan you can see the traveling quilts there too!

Coming to the  party at my home? Check out the After Dark party info on the Quilters Take Manhattan webpage. ;-) FUN!

Can't make it? Or missed getting your ticket as the FIT event with my Butler has sold out... (there are other add on's still here: Quilters Take Manhattan

We have HOME TICKETS for the event!
Home ticket graphic Click here to purchase your Home Ticket online.
Enjoy the event from your home by purchasing a "Home Ticket." For $25 you'll receive first access to event video footage online, a packed event goody bag with samples and treats from all of our sponsors, and a chance to win select door prizes. And you'll be playing an important role in supporting the work of the Alliance.
Please note: additional postage required for orders outside of the US and Canada.

 See, I get sidetracked, again...


Last night I sat down, put my feet up,  and didn't stop!

Now I don't want to stop! It's almost done! 
It's not as complicated or "designed" as I had planned,
 But sometimes, mindless big stitch quilting is just so relaxing and satisfying!
I need to find black to quilt those witches.. rats! Don't have any. ;-(